There are NO LIMITS. Desktop software and online services for athletic organisations.

We understand the importance of smooth operations in sports events. Our technology ensures a reliable and continuous progression from planning to event realisation, to timing and results measurement, to our interactive displays and event day media production.

On Venue

Sports Result Services
Comprehensive meet management software for all types of athletic events.


Display Solutions
Instant data analysis and onsite presentation via stadium displays and online portals enables audience involvement for an unrivalled fan experience.

Media Info System
Our media info system supports commentators and onsite announcers with live results, statistics, and background information.


Timing & Data Service
Accurate, reliable and immediate measurement and processing of data is of key importance. Our meet management software Track & Field includes intuitive easy to use modules, such as infield and call room clients, to reduce the administrational efforts and streamline your meet management processes.

TV / Live Stream Production
Our team produces real time live streams to allow your audience to get even closer to the action. Streams are provided to TV productions, for stadium displays and/or for online use – ever extending your reach.

TV Graphics / Virtual Graphics
We provide best in class bespoke graphics and animations for state of art stadium displays and transmission.


Sports federation management and online entries

SpaceLabs is our state of the art online platform for integrated management of sports federation member and competition registration. And naturally performed with full federation and data protection regulation compliance (GDPR & PDPA). It can be fully adapted to the individual federation layouts, data fields, and process requirements.

For clubs and their members, SpaceLabs online services enables member and license management in addition to online entries for federation events.

Major benefits include reduced workload for federation and club staff, and lower error rates due to automation and integration of different modules. This can be relayed in real time with other organisations such as federation or club. Our paperless format helps in reducing the strain on environmental resources.

Digital Experience

SpaceLabs Sports Info Portal
Live results from every competition whether large or small

SpaceLabs Sports Info Portal is your platform for real time live results for all kinds of competitions. Results can be automatically measured and entered into the portal, or manually via infield clients with any smartphone on site. These live results, combined with advanced statistics and analysis, make for an unmatched and fully informative fan experience.

SpaceLabs Sports Info Portal is a true one stop shop for sports fans.

Complete integration with your federation’s website ensures accurate, reliable, immediate, and transparent results management.


Rent or buy professional venue equipment?

From displaying current standings, comparing performance, to visualising proceedings; SpaceLabs has provided full colour video walls for event audiences for years. We provide turnkey stadium systems including timing and measurement equipment, video walls, infield boards and software, which integrates all components to one user friendly solution.

Whether your target is to involve fans with live results and analytics, share sponsor information, or even show video content, large display screens have long been part of successful event setups.

Should you rent or buy professional venue equipment? Existing equipment, size and regularity of event are all factors to be considered.