Provide HPS system in the areas of sports analytics, performance monitoring & talent scouting systems.

Our High-Performance Management Systems & Services covering the following scope of works, namely:

  • Athlete Registration Management Systems;
  • Athlete Talent-ID Management Systems;
  • Athlete Injury-Recovery Medical Record Management Systems;
  • Athletes Sports Science Lab/Field Test Record Systems (Integrated with Sports Labs equipment Systems);
  • Athletes Physiological Test Records
  • Athletes Psychological Test Records
  • Athletes Physical Performance Test Records
  • Athletes Bio-Chemistry Test Records
  • Athlete Performance Achievement Management Systems;
  • Athlete Registration Management Systems;
  • Athlete Selection Management Systems

We also cater for the development of sports-specific athletes training & academic records systems covering the athletes daily food intake, resting and recovery rehabilitation progress management.

Our lead Sports Science Specialist who has vast experience in Management and Development of High-Performance Sports Management & Monitoring Systems (Qatar, Singapore, Mongolia, Malaysia) will also be able to provide Project Management Consultancy for such development needs. We have our sports scientists partners from Europe, USA, Australia, New Zealand & Malaysia, who can be engaged if there is a need.

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