Supply customised large-scale LED Display Systems for Sports &Events

Spacelabs also specialised in the provision of the large public scoreboards for stadium and event venues, and it has been the business focus when we were involved with our previous entity. Spacelabs also specialised in the provisioning of Field Of Play LED Scoreboard, LED Perimeter Board, GIS (Geographical Info System), and Information Display System.

Prior to 1999, the main business focus was on the provisioning of Geographical Information System (GIS), We had also secured several GIS related projects with the Sabah & Sarawak Governments namely the State Forestry Department, Agriculture Department, Fisheries Department, and many other government agencies.

In the business of Display System, we also have experience with the supply of Flight Information Display Systems (FIDS) & Public Information Display System (PIDS) to Malaysia Airport Berhad (Agency). As well as the provisioning of interactive kiosks systems from the Malaysian government agencies.

We started to diversify its business into the provisioning of LED Board in 1997 and has successfully provided and delivered its LED Scoreboards Solutions and Services to Petra Jaya Kuching Stadium during the 1997 FIFA World Youth Cup, Bukit Jalil, National Sports Complex, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia; including the supply of public scoreboard to the State of Pahang, Negeri Sembilan, Perak, Malacca, and Sabah.

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