Provides a turn-key integrated end-to-end solution for Single Sport or Multi-Sport needs.

Our Sports and Event Management Services Solutions is an Integrated Games Management Solutions & Services consisting of the following, namely:

  • Games Management System (GMS Modules) [Registration, Accreditation, SEQ, Accommodation, MES, etc];
  • Games Results Systems (GRS modules) [CRS, VRS, TVGS-CG, CIS, RPDS, SEQ];
  • Games Information Diffusion System (GIDS Modules) [RDS – IIS, Result-Web (R-Web)];
  • Media Info Systems (MIS)
  • Mobile Apps Info Systems (MAIS);
  • Games Operational Supports Services (GOSS/GSS);
  • On Venue Results System (Sports-specifics OVR System & it’s Display Interface Systems);
  • Interfacing Services with & to TV Graphics Systems with Live Data (TVG),
  • Interfacing Modules to integrate with relevant sports 3rd party equipment;
    • Provisioning of key essentials Timing and Scoring Systems (T&S) & equipment
           (To service sports venues without any existing TSR Systems & Equipment in place);
  • Supplementary Mobile Apps and Relevant Hardware & Equipment

Our Sports and Event Management Services Solutions is a complete Integrated Games Management Solutions & Services module that will assist the host in the planning, operation, and implementation (before-during-post games) for most of the Major Games Competition hosting from the beginning until the completion of the games.

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