Complete integrated solutions for sports video/data analytics solutions.

In sports data/video analytics services, work closely with our partner (DartFish). The concept of services evolves around the capturing of video/data, then we will analyze it and be shared the outcome as information (video-data) & generated data. Video replay is also another part of sports data/video analytics services.

The process for sports video/data analytics are as follows:

Live-and-Post Game Tagging (Capture)

  • Identify key actions and tag the game using the preconfigured and easy-to-use soccer tagging panel.
  • Review and edit key actions in real-time while continuing to record.

Live-and-Post Game Tagging (Capture)

  • Visualize instantly key actions you identified.
  • Underline what the action reveals.
  • Illustrate exactly what athletes need to improve with powerful tools like frame-by-frame playback, slow motion, drawings, instant replay.
  • Immediately develop a strategy to be more competitive. Use your data to improve preparation, work on weaknesses, define future game strategy and create statistics.
  • Keep the key actions that matter out of a full game.
  • Automatically get a dynamic dashboard.

Get straight to the point.

  • Export data easily and create interactive reports for best results.
  • Filter your most important actions to share relevant playlists.

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